Sons Of the First Tribe - 'World Tour' Campaign

  • Mosh Balogun
  • Solomon Cuming
  • Cong Nguyen
  • Nick Wotton

The World Tour Campaign explores a shared story that exists throughout four cities: Shanghai, Berlin, Kampala and Rio De Janeiro. Each set captures a space in time reflecting the atmosphere and culture of its respective city. Painting an intricate snapshot of a story that connects each scene by emotion, culture and most visually, fashion. Creative Director - Mosh Balogun Creative Producer - Sau Ali Photographer - Nick Wotton Production Designer - Jack Allen Set Designers - Filipe Miranda & Solomon Cuming Stylist - Charmian Dainty Styling Assistant - Trevor. O Makeup Artist - Shemaiah Aimi Storyboard Artist - Cong Nguyen Cast Aleysha Pryce (Berlin & Shanghai) Jayden Knight (Kampala & Rio De Janeiro) Armaan Bunu (Rio De Janeiro Football Kid) Trevor. O (Rio De Janeiro Window Boy)


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