• John & Stu

Master of Mobile Arts Campaign 40% of Sony Ericsson’s business came through call centre staff calling customers. Nothing unusual in that you may think, until you realise that the call centre staff are employed by someone else – the networks. In this case, the employees we were communicating with worked for the 3 network. The average length of employment for call centre staff is just six months. We were therefore tasked with creating an academy that would encourage staff to stay longer by making their job easier. Our solution was to create the Master of Mobile Arts. This was a character designed to lead the academy and make the whole process of learning about handsets seem more interesting to staff. We based him on a cross between the Pai Mei character from Kill Bill and the temple master from the series Kung Fu. His role was to set challenges and impart wisdom. If a call centre member of staff passed a test (all of which were related to greater handset and tariff knowledge) their on screen character would be awarded a different coloured headband. The more belts a staff member won, the better the prize they received at the end of the quarter. This campaign included a pre-launch teaser email, desk drop and in-centre activity, plus an email campaign with regular updates from the Grandmaster. It also included a website designed to be a reference tool, a testing centre, a way of measuring progress and a message board where users could ‘Ask the Master’ to answer their questions.

Launch Email
Launch Day Video
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