Sony Global Website

  • Davide Melis

The Sony Global website started taking shape in 2013, when Sony decided to create a centralised platform for all its consumer products. The new site went successfully live on February 2014. Over time Hugo&Cat involvement has grown to the point that the company now creates 75% of all digital global content each year.

As the Art Director on the project I was responsible for the overall quality of the deliverables in terms of storytelling and visual consistency. I look after a team that can reach up to 15 people during peak times.

The Hugo&Cat team created Product Detail Pages with different levels of interactivity and Out of Flow Marketing Pages (pages for specific technologies, initiatives or campaigns) for different Business Units inside Sony, using a responsive module library that constitutes the backbone of the website.
The team defined a graphic and interactive language to deliver narrative-led pages that excite, inform and inspire, within a coherent user journey backed by analytics data. Often this means translating technical features and explanations into benefit-led, consumer-friendly stories.
The page creation process starts from sketches on paper that translate into storyboards and photography shotlists. These ultimately inform the creation of the images used on the pages. I have been on set with the client to assist production.
The Hugo&Cat team successfully work with a multitude of visual assets from different sources creating photo compositions and retouches, illustrations, diagrams and CG renders to complement and enhance the storytelling requirements of the pages, making sure that the final result follows the Sony Brand Guidelines.
I was part of the senior team together with Account managers, Copy Lead, Senior Project Manager. This team works closely with the client to shape an efficient content creation process based around their business needs and structural organisation.