Sony Mobile – The Journey

  • Rebecca Wardell
  • Cosmin Cosmin

With so much incredible camera technology in Sony’s latest Xperia smartphones, anyone, anywhere can be an amazing filmmaker, and we wanted to prove it. We gave aspiring filmmakers from around the world an Xperia smartphone and a simple brief: to capture the idea of a ‘journey’ in the world around them. From all of this footage we created a crowd-sourced documentary film.

To help guide our filmmakers and direct the final edit, we recruited BAFTA and Emmy-award winning cinematographer Mateo Willis (Blue Planet ||, Planet Earth) and asked Producer/DJ Poldoore to bring our film to life with a bespoke soundtrack. To support our final film we released a series of short, social teasers and 4 tutorial films - presented by Mateo, filmed on location in Iceland.

Over 72,000 people visited the product website as a result of the film, and our campaign reached a grand total of 11,519,007 people. 1,480,694 organic reach. 2,138,191 influencer reach