Sony Music Doja Cat

  • Daniel Kelly
  • Ben Slater

A quirky online experience to authentically connect Doja Cat with her fans. Before MTV award winning singer/rapper Doja Cat had a number one single with Nicki Minaj, we were given the opportunity to help shape her fledgling brand and connect her with fans. In celebration of her music video ‘Juicy’ we asked her followers an important question: ‘how juicy are you?’ After connecting to Spotify and having their listening history scientifically analysed by our fruit-identifying algorithms, fans are told just how juicy they are. Fans are delighted to discover if they’re as juicy as a melon, a blueberry, banana or cherry. As part of the experience, they also receive a Doja-centered playlist suited to their music taste. The site and experience’s copy is all based on Doja’s idiosyncratic writing style from her lyrics and Tweets. The Juicy campaign saw 80,000 unique engagements and became the launch pad for two further campaigns for herhits ‘Say So’ and 'Like That'. For Say So, we evolved our Juicy framework into a disco-centric connect campaign which served users Doja’s best rhymes, presented in a shareable 70's-style sticker. For ‘Like That’ we took advantage of the many outfits and personas Doja has played in her music videos, letting fans discover which one they most resemble.