Sony Music Judas Priest

  • Cara Hamment
  • Matt Booy
  • Jamie Nicoll

Forging a new way to fuel the fire of fandom. Ahead of the release of Judas Priest’s highly anticipated eighteenth studio album Firepower and nearly fifty years of bringing face-melting riffs to the masses, we were charged with the attention-grabbing challenge to bring Priest enthusiasts an online experience like never before. Judas Priest's famed logo inspires the aesthetic of the world's first artist-approved, algorithmically-driven name generator, enabling fans around the globe to create and share their own personalised piece of blazing music iconography. Within the hellfire-themed microsite, devotees see their name ‘forged in steel’ in the band’s emblematic font as they strike their keyboards in time to a new track, unleashing their fully-rendered 3D creations on the world. Successfully setting the internet alight, the experience fuelled epic engagement across social media and sparked the interest of a whole new generation of Judas Priest addicts.