Sony Virtual Production Press Launch gives you wings...

  • Rebecca White
Press launch for European media and influencers.
Sony Professional Solutions Europe launched Virtual Production, an on-demand cloud production service that provides a complete production toolset for multi-platform content creation and delivery, at Red Bull’s Alpenbrevet motorcycle race in Sarnen, Switzerland.
At the one-day event, Red Bull Switzerland used Sony’s Virtual Production solution to livestream the entire race on its social media, giving them the freedom, flexibility and agility to capture and distribute content quickly, without having to deal with the logistical challenge of installing physical infrastructure in these remote locations.

The Press Invite

Marketing Collateral

Various creative assets were also developed for the web, social and print roll out.

Agency Credit: Online Creative (Video Animation)
Head of PR: Rebecca White
PR Manager: Klara Horvathova
Graphics and Collatorial: Blue Serif