• Tamara Barton-Campbell
  • Selene Shaw

Welcome to SOON COME – a bold, state of mind and marker laid down by the hyper-creative generation. United through the spirit of creativity, SOON COME celebrates talent and identity within the community. As a ‘badge of honour’, its approach is built upon associations and collaborations, connecting individuals with the right people to achieve their goals and master their talent. For the young generation, it’s a progressive shift from the norm with a fearless declaration of intent – this is my time to shine, and I’m coming to make the dream happen. Embarking on their next steps, the featured innovators in this magazine are inspiring figures who have answered the call. Through their collective endeavours, they’ve made it their mission to engage in the conversation. Their talent is limitless, carving out specialised interests which have intelligently fuelled their creative outlets within music, social enterprises, mental health, presenting, writing, public speaking, acting and entrepreneurship. As gifted leaders, they revel in their artistic confidence and are ready to make their mark. Participation is only the beginning, engagement is an evolving curve, but together, they stand tall and proud of the journey ahead.