Sophie Bass - Quiet Dawn, Human Being - The Short Story of the Reed

  • Charlie S
  • Sophie Bass
Sophie was commissioned to illustrate the record sleeve for Quiet Dawn’s Human Being: The Short Story of the Reed. The record tells the story of the Reed - a plant that wishes to be human, evolving to feel and gradually learning the complexity that makes up humanity.

Front and back of record sleeve
Sophie describes the track as a ‘tableau of human nature playing out in all its stages’, reflecting this idea in her illustrations. Mirroring the journey of the music, Sophie’s piece represents human behaviour from love, to anger, birth to death. Pain and beauty - both intrinsic to the human experience - run alongside each other in this piece.
Starting with the most serene drum shuffle patterns it gradually makes way to a full-on jam session that fully displays an improvisational oeuvre that Galland excels at, making us yearn for more of his combustible arrangements. The artwork by Sophie Bass and Grégoire Marty only enhances the naturalistic theme running throughout. - John Paul Shiver, Music is My Sanctuary