Sophie Bass - Seed Ensemble, Driftglass Record Sleeve

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Sophie was commissioned to design and create the artwork for Driftglass, a project from a London-based 10-strong collective lead vy Cassie Kinoshi, in April 2019. Among the collective members are Theon Cross, Shirley Tetteh, Joe Armon-Jones, and Sheila Maurice-Grey. An exploration of diverse British culture, the record finds inspiration from Inner City London, West African and Carribean grooves, as well as the sci-fi novel Driftglass by Samuel R Delaney.

Front and back sleeve
Taking her cues from both the album’s influences and the exploratory and transcendental feel of the music, Sophie’s artwork is heavily influenced by Afrofuturism and the sci-fi art of the 60s and 70s.
Sleeve and vinyl
Mercury Prize nomination advert, Picadilly Circus
Driftglass was nominated for a 2019 Mercury Prize, and so Sophie's artwork was displayed in Piccadilly Circus, London.
“The players on this heartfelt and accomplished brew of African, Caribbean and urban dance grooves, R&B and 60s Blue Note-ish ensemble harmonies are mostly young Londoners. But they often sound like old souls, and with roots in varied places, like so many of the culturally sharp-eared newcomers currently revitalising UK jazz” - John Fordham, The Guardian

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