Sophie Bass - Songs of our Mothers Record Sleeve, Kefaya and Elaha Soroor

  • Charlie S
  • Sophie Bass
  • Ella Preda

Released in May 2019, this record is a ‘fresh, vibrant take on Afghan folk music filtered through myriad forms’ including spiritual jazz, indian classical music and electronica. Elaha Soroor provides vocals, drawing on her own experience of fleeing Afghanistan as well as the difficulties faced by other female artists.

"These songs tell stories of joy, pain and resilience, passed from mother to daughter in times of hardship and oppression, whilst also celebrating femininity, sensuality and the spirit of resistance." - Bella Union, record label
Front of record sleeve
Responding to the music, Sophie explores and celebrates ‘femininity, sensuality and spirit of resistance’ through floral symbolism and the female form in all its shapes and colours. Sophie uses music intrinsically in her creative process, using it to fuel her distinctive style that embodies symbolism and social justice.
Back of record sleeve
CD & booklet