Sotheby's Diamonds Rebrand and Campaign

  • Tom Snape

Sotheby’s Diamonds is the boutique arm of Sotheby’s Jewellery division, selling exceptional diamonds directly to customers. After eleven years, it needed to refresh it’s branding ahead of the launch of its first physical shop in London. It was clear that alignng the brand message with Sotheby’s was the way to make the jewllery stand out in a very crowded market place. This was a wide-ranging project condensed over six months, which included a redesign of the logo, new stationery, updating the product shots and most crucially a multi-channel advertising campaign. The campaign was developed to build on Sotheby’s renown for art, working with the fashion photographer Erik Madigan Heck, we created a series of images that reference art history, from Frederick Leighton’s Sleeping June to Titian’s Venus with a Mirror. The campaign elevated the jewellery, bringing them to a new audience of Art connoisseur that is the Sotheby’s client.


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