Sound design - Our Finest Hour

  • Henry Dymott

Responsible for the music composition and sound design. Recording voice actors and editing the audio for "voice clues". Working to a brief and tight deadline, this was a very enjoyable project to have worked on. "Destroy German superweapons, armed only with intelligence Step into 1942, when the world is at war. The Germans have developed a series of devastating new superweapons that could obliterate Britain and win the war at a stroke. As MI6’s top agents you’ve been chosen to go behind enemy lines to find and destroy these fiendish inventions before they are unleashed. The latest news from HQ is that the superweapons are primed and ready to launch, so you have precisely 60 minutes to discover their location, destroy them and save Britain. The stakes couldn’t be higher – take too long and there won’t be any Britain left to save."