South East Makers Club

  • Benji Roebuck

South East Makers Club was established in 2016 with the dual aims of spotlighting the creativity in south east London whilst putting the area firmly on the map during the London Design Festival. Each year the programme includes talks, exhibitions, product launches, a makers market and even a design-themed pub quiz. From 2016–2019 I was part of the small team of volunteers who organised the programme, but in particular I was responsible for developing its visual identity, spanning posters, flyers, adverts, event signage and various digital applications, including the SEMC website. For the last three years of my involvement with SEMC we used Deptford Market Yard, near Greenwich, as a hub for events. This historic mixed-use development is built around an old railway ramp that would have at one time allowed horse-drawn carts to take coal up to waiting steam trains. The yard features distinctive archways, which are now home to local shops and restaurants – used as temporary SEMC exhibition spaces for the duration of the Design Festival. These arches also became a distinctive feature of the programme’s brand identity, influencing its logo as well as a range of other designs applications.