• Hannah Tunley

This is a rebrand of my hometown, Southend-On-Sea in Essex. The popularity of Seaside holidays have rapidly declined due to the cheapness of European getaways. However , with the rise in millenials opting for staycations this felt like the perfect time to rebrand the town. How can Southend differ itself from other seaside towns that are in such close proximity to London?

The strategy behind this rebrand aims to encourage adults to come to Southend-on-Sea to reconnect with their childhood and the thrill of being by the sea.
The illustration style seeks to convey Southend's welcoming and friendly character.
The new logo and colour palette aim to show Southend's vibrancy and flare.
The photography style shows Southend's beauty and feature's that set it apart from other Seaside towns, such as the longest pier in the world!
Promotional campaign at London Liverpool Street.
Southend is only 50 minutes on the train from Liverpool Street Station, meaning its the perfect getaway for anyone seeking a quick escape from the city.
Southend's rebrand would be the perfect opportunity to revolutionise souvenirs. Souvenirs have long known to be 'tacky' but the rebrand would offer fun holiday tokens.