Souvenir jackets at Topman

  • Tom Lancaster
  • Gary Conway
For the biggest menswear trend of 2016 here’s a shoot and editorial feature we created to showcase souvenir jackets at Topman. Inspired by the jackets that returning GIs bought as they finished service in far flung parts of the world, many feature intricate embroidery of exotic place names, flora and fauna on both the front and back. Frank’s in Peckham gave us the ideal setting to shoot the model as he looked out to the London view, so we could feature the reverse of the products naturally in shot.

Credits: model: Charles Docherty at AMCK, photographer: Gary Conway, stylist: Chelsie Crowder, hair and make up: Zoe Cornwell, producer: Kellé Pearce, retoucher: Dan Bicker, copywriter: Jamie Carson, designer: Robert Higgs, creative director: Tom Lancaster, location: Frank’s Cafe, Peckham.