SOW – Branding identity and interior design for a health-focused restaurant

  • Ana Beatriz Fernandes

SOW is a new health focused fast-food restaurant in Soho, London. The name derives from the act of sowing seeds, underpinning the brand’s philosophy towards environmental consciousness and wellbeing.
We were tasked with developing and delivering both the branding identity and the interior design of the restaurant.

The logo evolved from a series of playful hand-drawn studies, which took cues from the circular forms present in traditional pottery. The purity and harmony of these shapes suggest values of integrity and wholeness, key to the brand’s philosophy.

Drawing from references of ceramic and clay, the colour palette features rich terracotta tones, softer nude hues and accents of black, which bring elegance and sophistication to the branding.

The interior design and the material palette brings warmth and texture to the scene, with raw plaster walls leading the visitor into the space and hues of rich red-clay setting a welcoming scene for the food offer.
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Project developed at Freehaus design & architecture studio