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Ana Beatriz Fernandes

Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Digital DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Ana Beatriz Fernandes

Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Digital DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Hi, I am Ana Beatriz and I am a designer based in London. A great belief in collaboration, a keen eye for aesthetics, strong communication skills and a meticulous attention to detail are the key to my work process. With over 6 years experience as a designer, my work encompasses graphic design, installation design and projects in collaboration with local and community institutions, with a focus on visual identity and branding including logo design, packaging, illustration, webdesign and content creation for websites and social media platforms.
  • Digital FrictionAs part of a series of workshops hosted by Tate Modern and the Digital Makers Collective, Digital Friction was a workshop that explored how virtual reality affects our bodies. The workshop used scientific measuring devices to better understand the impact of cutting-edge technology on human physicality. Literally blurring the line between digital and physical, we scanned parts of our physical body to create a promotional image for the workshop. Working with a vibrant colour palette and pixelated
  • BD Barcelona x London Design FestivalBD Barcelona's presence at the London Festival of Architecture was marked by its 10 year relationship with Spanish designer Jaime Hayon. To celebrate the mark BD Barcelona's showroom was entirely dedicated to Hayon's latest creations. Inspired by his latest collection, we developed a campaign that extended to both print and digital assets. The gold-foiled and mint green invitation reflects Hayon's Showtime Vases and Multileg Cabinet, whilst one of the original Monkey Table sketches remind us of
  • Virtually Real EnvironmentsTechnology is rapidly transforming the way we live, learn, work and interact, but what is ‘real’ anymore? As part of a series of workshops hosted by Tate Modern and the Digital Makers Collective, Virtually Real Environments was a symposium exploring the boundaries of physical and virtual space, new worlds and spatial narratives, questioning the emerging nature of the virtual space. The symposium featured a wide range of speakers working within the industry of VR and AI. Inspired by M. C. Esche
  • SurfaceSurface is a limited edition bluetooth wall-mounted speaker developed at design studio Room One. Bridging the worlds of art and technology, Surface seeks to find a new area in sound design. Using two transducers, vibrations pass through the bent wood, and the entire material transmits sound. We developed a visual identity and look & feel for this new innovative product. Focusing on its visual and sculptural qualities, the visual identity was simple and clear, centred around the colour and mater
  • OPTOOPTO is a new tech brand offering light and accessible portable VR headsets. As opposed to its main competitors, OPTO chose to focus on the look and feel to develop a lightweight and comfortable product, capable of bringing VR to their customers' daily lives. Pop and trendy, OPTO has four different coloured covers which can be swapped and customised. We were appointed to develop the visual identity of this groundbreaking brand in order to convey its contemporary and refreshing approach to VR. W
  • Memory of a Non-PlaceMemory of a Non-Place is a site-specific installation designed for the first-floor windows of prominent gallery Gazelli Art House, located on Dover Street in London. The piece reflects on the concept of traveling. Three vinyls depicting the initial oil-pastel drawings are used to block the light in the gallery. On the inside, the same depiction of the seascape drawings is being projected on a thin veil that oscillates continuously. This organic movement is originated by three fans that allow th
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Work history
    Graphic and Digital DesignerFreehaus
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Led and delivered the rebranding of the architecture studio, including the creation of a new logo, use of typography, colour palette, social media and website. In charge of projects with clients in the commercial and in the community sector, delivering branding and identity projects from inception to completion across print and digital outputs. Worked on product design and interior design projects as part of the wider studio team and led branding, web design, packaging, signage and wayfinding projects, liaising with suppliers, manufacturers and freelancers.
    Graphic and Digital DesignerRoom One
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    At Room One I was responsible for maintaining the consistency and the ongoing development of the brand and visual identity ensuring the brand is used consistently and correctly by the team across all mediums. I was in charge of the company’s social media campaigns and Room One’s website, making sure the ethos of the company gets across in an engaging and creative way. I was responsible for developing projects from the initial concept to final artwork and completion across both print and digital. During this time I worked on a wide variety of projects: from branding, print design and illustration to animation, web and app design.
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    PaintingFaculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa
     - Lisbon, Portugal
    Graphic DesignMoholy-Nagy University of Art and Design
     - Budapest, Hungary
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