GOALS ZINE Submissions Event

  • Hope McGee
  • Ana Beatriz Fernandes
  • Ricardo Fonseca

Are you interested in concepts of community in 2020? Are you into building social units in new ways? Are you keen to create even more spaces for womxn and non-binary football? Both? All? More? Don't know what I am talking about? It's about exploring ideas and ideals, as well as taking up even more space for groups, girls, football and more! I am here to help bring together a new publication that looks at the what, how and where of communities we are part of, while championing the role that FCs can play in providing new spaces you didn't think you could enter, helping you make mates and just bringing people together. If you're interested in contributing some art, ramblings or just a hand/ you want to know more then please get in touch at goalszine@gmail.com OR here and join the Facebook event for updates. This is now the 5th publication I intend to build from scratch, the last being Contraception Zine - a platform for sharing experiences and real-life piece of print stocked in the Tate Modern, Pages Cheshire Street and the Grrrl Zine Library to start. CLICK ATTENDING to stay updated >> https://bit.ly/2RNFlRw IG @Goalszine