Spurring innovation at VISA

The Challenge
When one of the world’s largest fintechs set up a European innovation hub, they tasked us with embedding design thinking tools and methodologies.
The Approach
We began with a three-day Design Sprint to induct their innovation leads into design thinking and help them design around the needs of the end customer. Over the next couple of months, we ran a series of customised workshops and courses – from training in Customer Closeness to a Board-level engagement workshop. We also developed a Playbook to codify VISA’s approach to fast, collaborative innovation.
The Impact
  • Bespoke tools created: training courses, methodologies and tools developed for VISA’s specific needs
  • Whole team trained: innovation leads and ancillary teams received a combination of coaching and development
  • Design thinking embedded: VISA’s innovation hub now has the tools to design collaboratively and quickly around end users


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