Squarespace x WePresents: Make It Real - Jade Purple Brown

Jade Purple Brown is a color obsessed graphic designer, illustrator and art director based in New York. She creates content for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. Using bold blocks of color and strong female figures, Brown creates dynamic artwork that encourages herself and others to be more optimistic and free.

For visual artist and designer Jade Purple Brown committing herself to her career has never been an issue. “I remember when I was around six years old I created my own business cards with ‘Future Artist’ as the job title,” she laughs. “I guess I always kind of knew that I wanted to make a living creating.”

That early foresight paid off. Today the New York-based artist is known for her vibrant aesthetic, creating playful work that often depicts women as its central protagonists. It’s a conscious decision by the artist who uses her work to fight against stereotypes and show that strength and femininity are not mutually exclusive. “All of the characters I draw have such a strong sense of individuality,” she says. “That’s exactly how I want women to be portrayed but also to feel when they view my art.”

“Especially when it comes to Black women,” she continues. “The design industry has for too long been white and male, so I hope that doing my thing can serve as inspiration to show other Black women that they can do whatever they want.”
"If people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives aren’t brought into the forefront the industry will become stagnant."

Find out more about Jade's thoughts on the power of representation in design:

“Squarespace allows me to have one place that invites clients and supporters into my colorful world of art. I’m able to display my work and sell art prints all in one place.”
“The newsletter feature has helped me drive sales and further connect with my audience. The clean template of my site makes it easy for clients to see my vision and capabilities and want to work with me.”
Visit Jade Purple Brown's website here.
Squarespace and WePresent partnered to celebrate and support Black female entrepreneurs. The series ‘Make It Real’ highlights four women who've transformed their creative ideas into a reality.
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