Stage design Carré Amsterdam

  • Peter Musschenga

On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Royal Carré Theatre Amsterdam, I was granted to design the set for a 12 hrs Cabaret Marathon. With 2 grids of 12 dimmable light elements each that can all be approached separately, many different compositions can be made for the 30 minutes performances. One rectangular grid consists of oval boxes with a color gradient ranging from bright yellow to dark red. The other 12 elements are 2 metres long pipes, half metal and half transparent. These pipes move vertically through a hole in the oval boxes. The ovals and pipes can be used separately or in combination, making the amount of compositions endlessly.

View of the stage of the magnificent Carré Theatre
Claudia de Breij
For singer and performer Wende Snijders I designed a minimalistic view.
Scene taken from the right side of the stage
Presenters Bert Visscher and Arno van der Heijden
Above a compilation of the different sets. For the sake of compactness, a number of scenes are shown in an accelerated way.