Standard Chartered x Liverpool FC: "Fans of fans"

  • Jonny Watson

With our 'Fans of fans' campaign, we've flipped the script and created a world where the players hero-worship the fans. Like when VVD, Diogo and Fabinho get swapping fans stickers in the Liverpool dressing room. Got, got, need. The question is, what would you give Virgil to get hold of a shiny of legendary superfan Belle Yip...?

This was shot at Anfield in two goes. Once with the players and two months later we captured the cameo of Jurgen Klopp, acting pretty convincingly to an empty dressing room.

Hats off to director Jacques Salmon, who helped put the players at ease and got them into the story by creating special stickers that we don't see in the film - ones of the players as kids themselves and specific fans that meant a lot to them.

And thanks to the players for going with it. As is often the case, they arrived on set with little idea of what was in store. Diogo was awesome, VVD was as charismatic as you'd expect and Fabinho (who's an absolute beast on the pitch) was a real sweetie. And all in their second language. Fair play.