Stella McCartney Sustainability

  • Gretel Keyte
  • Mary-Anna Kearney
  • Emily Vaccari
  • Elizabeth Bradley

Since it’s conception in 2001, the fashion house of Stella McCartney has been pushing the boundaries of aesthetics and ethics, making luxurious products fit for the world we live in today. The problem is, the general public don’t really care, or know.

the work.

To really bring to life the incredible advances Stella McCartney is making in the world of fashion and beyond, I did an entire website rewrite. Taking the work they are doing, the innovations they are at the forefront of and the future of their lines, I created beautiful accessible stories to excite and engage with audiences. Sustainability narratives can often be very technically led, so this was very much a case of leading with emotion and humanity.

For this project, Stella wanted a strong focus on the what goes into each and every design. I wrote stories for every single material used across the brand, from vegetarian leather to biotech silk, showcasing the new, unique and spectacular ways that Stella is creating the future of fashion, today.

Click me to go through to the Stella site and find out more about the future of fashion.