Stigma (Estigma) by Luis Amália & Adam Zmith

  • Mathieu Cadelo
  • Luis Amália

When Luis was 10, he wanted to be a female gymnast, but he was a boy. At 15, he wanted to be desired, but he felt he was too hairy. Tonight, as a performer, he wants to be Ingrid Bergman. But he is a loser. Stigma is the story of how Luis can become who he has always wanted to be. Luis will tell the story of Esther Moya, a powerful gymnast who failed to win a medal. He will re-enact one of Ingrid Bergman’s most moving scenes. And he will share his visit to a sweaty gay sauna. Stigma is a show about being yourself, even if you are a freak. This time, history will be written by losers, not winners. Estigma is a show where sex, gender and failure are no longer taboo. Luis asked me to create three short animations in order to tease the audience on instagram. FYI: Stigma will be performed next at Sprint Festival at Camden People's Theatre Presented in association with the And What? Queer. Arts. Festival, 2020