Stop and Stare

  • Charlotte Dobson
  • Patrycja Palucka

Stop and Stare is a project and photobook that investigates the dynamic balanced relationship between perception and memory, influenced by having a lazy eye when younger. External factors are considered of global warming and technology, as well as internal factors of sleep, dreams, imagination, the ‘front and backstage’ and happiness. Phenomenology and scientific approaches were key to re-visualising the relationship. The project explores perception through the lens, where photography can merge time and space. Like the camera, the design of the eye is inherently weak- the eye also has tunnel vision like Glaucoma preventing seeing the full frame. Other eye conditions of colour blindness and colour blindness are explored. To add to this, technology aiding hearing senses where robots can aid hearing in deaf children is explored in thermal and infrared image responses, re-visualising scientific methods of aid. The concept of open/closed develops closely to dreams and sleep, where obstruction is needed to clarify information – delete that which is no longer needed and to restore bodily functions. Dreams allow us to imagine, to aid conscious choice. The project concludes the overriding power of the mind that controls both perception and memory, that can be altered and changed to adapt to time and place changing. James Elkin’s book ‘The Object that Stares Back’ was of great influence. My amazing and talented friend, photographer and model: Patrycja Palucka