STORE after school club

STORE STORE is a design shop located in Coal Drops Yard. SCHOOL SCHOOL is a series of after-school clubs open to local state school pupils. The objects designed and prototyped in the after-school club will be sold in the shop, with royalties going to a cause of the students choice.

Students learned how to use intuitive VR drawing software with architects Paula Strunden and Alex Anderson in order to create digital objects. A selection of their digital creations were 3D-printed and transferred into ceramics using slip casting techniques, producing a series of vases at local ceramics studio Rochester Square.
Fabio Henry from Studio Ilio introduced students to the ‘Hot Wire Extension’ process, exploring new methods in industrial production by transforming line structures into solid bodies. This innovative manufacturing process reuses the waste left over from SLS 3D printing, a waste nylon powder that is not currently recycled. The pliable and transient powder bonds together seamlessly to form an organic, bone-like structure.
For the ‘Textured Tumblers’ glassware project, students worked together with product designers Stine Keinicke and Kevin Smeeing to develop patterns and textures using various 2D techniques,
producing a unique series of glasses and jugs in collaboration with Londonbased glassblower Jochen Holz. Students learned about the lampworking technique and got the chance to shape and blow bubbles in glass.
During the summer students explored form, texture, colour and flavour with designers Tessa Geuze, Thor ter Kulve and Felix Isidorsson. Students developed their own ice cream flavours and learned about ice lolly casting techniques. Meticulously designed ice lolly shapes were then translated into moulds. This project was realised with the help and expertise of Ruby Violet’s experienced ice cream innovators.


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