Street fashion stories

  • Emilie Chanteloup
  • Ary Arasen
Street fashion stories showcasing stories of ladies around London, Amsterdam, Milan, Paris, Mauritius for Imagine a lady digital magazine with more than 390 portrait including Virginia Smith (Vogue NY), Katell Pouliquen (ELLE Paris), Deborah Brett (British fashion council), Anuja Ananthan, Tatiana Dietman, Anabel Kutay.
"I had a meeting today with Lara Intimates for one of my next exciting project. They are making great lingerie for women. Today I had to try on many different bras so I decided to not wear mine. I’ve recently moved here and while I was hanging all my wardrobe, I noticed that I own a lot of different patterns and textures. They are all in the same kind of blue, navy and green. My bag is from the V&A’s because when I go to the museum, I always pass by the boutique." Amalie
"It’s a sunny day, we wanted to look bright with a spring look from Miss Selfridge " Olivia and Alice
"I’m attending the ApuJan show at the London Fashion Week, that’s why I’m wearing this coat from the designer and this hat because he gave it to me. He is a friend." Carol
"I started getting ready by doing up my lips. I really wanted to do a strong red lip to feel bold and confident. And I choose these trousers because they are super comfortable." Erica
"We are in the capital of fashion and it's the Paris Fashion Week. So, I picked a glamorous and fun outfit !" Ramona