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  • Sian Copland

I started this project as part of Graphic Design Festival Scotland's Live Brief where we were asked to create a concept in response to the question: "Where is home?". I wanted to create a support service to give students access to mental health support and a platform to connect with other students at their university.

The service consists of a website (in both desktop and mobile formats) which gives users access to all of the service's features. These would include:

  • an Advice Articles page where you can find advice on a range of topics;
  • a Forums page where students can start discussions and ask questions;
  • a Societies & Events page where new freshers can look through all the groups the university has to offer for them to get involved with;
  • and a Live Chat page where students can anonymously chat with a mental health professional.
To build-up the recognisability of the brand, freshers would receive a Home from Home "Fresher's Kit", filled with freebies to decorate their new student halls with.

The Fresher's Kit would have products like coasters, notepads, pencils, water bottles, and door hangers for students to hang on their doors to encourage conversation with their new flatmates.

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