Studio PI: Championing diversity in the creative industry

  • Sachini Imbuldeniya

As a woman of colour from a working-class family, I always felt like a unicorn in the creative industry. So it came as no surprise to see that the UK Government's All-Party Parliamentary Group for Creative Diversity found that certain sections of society are currently under-represented in this industry. Women. People of colour. People living with disabilities. People from working-class backgrounds. I launched Studio PI to redress this balance. It exists to champion those individuals whose voices are not heard enough and whose talent is not seen enough. It's a creative space that promotes equality, celebrates diversity and provides our nation with balanced visual content that is a true reflection of the society we live in. Studio PI is my small contribution to help our creative industry embrace a better and more diverse future. But this is a problem that belongs to all of us, and one that we should collectively help to resolve. So I hope you will also support our talented artists, hear their voices, and discover their great work.