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Submissions for THE SASSY SHOW - A Progressively Provocative Female Platform

  • Bethany Burgoyne

THE SASSY SHOW IS NOW OPEN TO SUBMISSIONS! Are you a female writer, artist, photographer or film maker whose work is unashamedly honest? The Sassy Show is a network of progressive feminist thinkers looking to share your work on our website. Open to submissions that focus on female narratives, encouraging open conversations about sensitive and sexual experiences, we would love to hear your ideas and see your work. Send us an email to and let's get Sassy. We value your privacy and respect anyone who wishes to remain anonymous on publishing their work. As an online platform, we produce interviews and videos for our audience to engage with and become motivated by. Offline we run workshops, live performances, talks, and social events. We are proud to be loud and cherish the inclusion of diverse and honest narratives; breaking down the many barriers of shame that police and silence women in society.

Looking for collaborators!

Let Bethany know if you're a ...

  • Writer
  • Photographer
  • Artist
  • Illustrator
  • Concept Artist
  • Model
  • Musician