Subtle Expression

  • Gustavo Vieira

I was tasked with producing the print design for the Subtle Expression exhibition, which showcased the work of first-year students from the Fine Art program at Middlesex University. My objective was to capture the essence of the first moment of connection between an artist and their artwork. To achieve this, I incorporated organic shapes and lines to create a sense of flow and movement. The muted color palette emphasized the subtlety of the exhibition's theme. The design was successful in representing the exhibition's purpose and creating an engaging visual experience for the viewers. In addition to the print formats, I also created a digital version of the design to be distributed via WhatsApp, allowing for wider reach and accessibility. Overall, the project was a successful collaboration with the exhibition organizers and helped showcase the work of talented first-year art students to a larger audience.

Format for printing purposes.
Digital format for WhatsApp.