Gustavo Vieira

Gustavo Vieira

Fine Art & DesignLondon, United Kingdom
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Gustavo Vieira

Gustavo Vieira

Fine Art & DesignLondon, United Kingdom
About me
As a versatile product designer and multimedia artist, I have amassed extensive experience across various sectors of the creative industry. My passion for self-expression knows no bounds, allowing me to convey my ideas through a wide array of mediums. By combining the worlds of Fine Art and Product Design, I am empowered to create stunning works of art that span numerous forms of media. From video, audio, and images to animation, graphics, text, interactivity, painting, sculpture, printmaking, installation art, and performance art, my pieces seamlessly weave together a multitude of disciplines. I leverage a diverse set of technologies and tools, such as graphic design software, mobile devices, and other cutting-edge technologies to bring my creations to life. With a wealth of experience spanning various industries, including digital art, television, film, graphic design, advertising, and web design, I have honed my creative abilities and technical skills to seamlessly combine various forms of media into my work. My talents extend beyond the realm of creation, as I also have experience in exhibition curation. Notably, I successfully coordinated the reopening of the Mestre Vitalino gallery, overseeing the project and the “Xilogravura” exhibition in 2019. As an artist, my work has been featured in exhibitions, including “Corpo-território” in 2021, “Subtle Expression”, "Diversity and Hope" and "The Grocery Circus" in 2023.
  • Unraveling Criminal Governance: Power Dynamics in Rio de Janeiro’s Favelas
    Unraveling Criminal Governance: Power Dynamics in Rio de Janeiro’s FavelasCover Design: Our client’s scientific research article on power relations in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas embraces a captivating cover design. A dynamic digital collage artistically depicts the intricate power dynamics between criminal factions, the police as representatives of state power, and the resilient favela residents. The chaotic atmosphere evokes the simultaneous nature of events, showcasing how power plays out in a multifaceted manner. Through a fusion of bold colors, fragmented imagery, a
  • Dancing in The Moon
    Dancing in The MoonI created a stunning graphic design work/collage for my client that truly captured their vision and brand identity. Using my expertise in design, I combined various elements and textures to create a visually appealing and impactful composition. The final result was a unique and eye-catching piece that perfectly represented my client's brand. The work was completed in a timely and professional manner, and my client was thrilled with the outcome. It was a great example of my ability to translate m
  • Umbanda - one of the most impressive phenomena of Brazilian civilization
    Umbanda - one of the most impressive phenomena of Brazilian civilizationThe installation was a creative exploration of one of the most impressive phenomena of Brazilian civilization. The exhibit was held on April 22nd and sought to bring the Afro-Brazilian religion of Umbanda to life through art. The installation itself resembled an altar, with white birds symbolizing the gods and receiving offers from worshippers. The exhibit was a tribute to the values of love, charity, solidarity, and respect that Umbanda embodies. The installation was designed to provide a po
  • Subtle Expression
    Subtle ExpressionI was tasked with producing the print design for the Subtle Expression exhibition, which showcased the work of first-year students from the Fine Art program at Middlesex University. My objective was to capture the essence of the first moment of connection between an artist and their artwork. To achieve this, I incorporated organic shapes and lines to create a sense of flow and movement. The muted color palette emphasized the subtlety of the exhibition's theme. The design was successful in re
  • Diversity and Hope
    Diversity and HopeAs the designer of the e-card for the exhibition "Diversity and Hope," my goal was to capture the essence of the event's theme. I envisioned a "world of colors" that would represent the diversity of the artists and their work, while also promoting a message of hope for the future. By using a vibrant and playful color palette, I aimed to create an atmosphere that would inspire creativity and encourage open dialogue. My design served as a bridge between the art environment and the public, conv
  • The Grocery Circus
    The Grocery Circus"The Grocery Circus" exhibition, held in London in April 2023, was a unique and innovative project that challenged traditional notions of where art belongs. The concept behind the project was to transform a supermarket into a temporary art gallery, showcasing contemporary artworks in an unconventional space. I showed one of my artworks entitled Solitude (oil on canvas, 2023). The exhibition was curated by artists Justina Saknaityte and Paris 2040, who aimed to spark a conversation about the ro
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Work history
    Graphic DesignerMiddlesex University
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    • I currently participate as a Graphic Designer in Professor Lisa Overton’s research project entitled “How queer women, bi, lesbian, trans, nonbinary and gender diverse folk negotiate sexual consent in online dating apps” • I created pieces of digital art for DIVA Magazine, using design tools, in order to get public engagement in the questionnaire and, as a result, the number of responses was more than twice the result obtained in 6 months of research • I have created visually appealing and informative posters, using visual storytelling, imagery, illustration, typography and layout design for print production
    Art in Site logo
    Art in Site logo
    Technical Production ManagerArt in Site
     - London, United KingdomPart Time
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  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Abobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Strategic Design
  • Design
  • Creative Artworking
  • Typography Design
  • 3D Artwork
  • Fine Art
  • Project Management
    BA(Hons) Fine ArtMiddlesex University
    London, United Kingdom
    The University of East London logo
    The University of East London logo
    BA(Hons) Product DesignThe University of East London
     - University Way, London E16, UK
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