Süddeutsche Zeitung Familie 2017

"Brumilla and the Horror Festival" is a short story that appeared in the double booklet magazine Süddeutsche Zeitung Familie, a magazine for both parents and children. It speaks of a teenage witch who is allergic to frogs and that's a big problem for her. She needs to drink an invisibility potion to go to a Horror Festival where she would otherwise be in great danger. Being that the secret ingredient to the invisibility potion is frog saliva she is in a bit of a jam. She gets an out of the box idea and tries to replace the ingredient with cat saliva. She brews the potion with her mom and gives it a try. The unexpected result is that instead of becoming invisible she becomes...a big scary monster...and that's all right as well.

Team Credits

Andreea Dobrin Dinu

  • Message
  • Illustrator (Drawing and thinking at SUMMERKID Studio)

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