SUITCASE Group Brand Revamp

  • Jacob Elwood

I was tasked with creating a small logo to pair with the SUITCASE brand name on branded collateral. The concept comes from the idea of SUITCASE being elegant, sophisticated, always moving and revealing new stories. I created a strong letterform of an S at the start of a circle that has movement and flow. The S cut in half allows us to drive the concept further by answering the question “What’s below the line?” SUITCASE has a number of different features and formats, so by creating different icons for each feature we could also have them in the same holding device as the S but on the other side of the line, showing that this is the content that we are revealing.

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  • Suitcase Magazine logo

    Suitcase Magazine

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  • SUITCASE Creative Studio logo

    SUITCASE Creative Studio

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