Suitsupply – Creative Direction / Lead

  • Fabrizio Di Bon

I was asked by Suitsupply to redefine the brand’s visual identity and help the creative team reach new heights Year: 2013 – 2015 Role: Creative Direction & Design

Suitsupply is a market-defining menswear brand quickly growing its global power. Pioneers in everything they do, their cutting-edge spirit generates a contagious energy that constantly fuels new and creative ideas.

The Challenge

Help us to define the campaigns, while doing that could you also take a look at the brand language and help the creative team reach new heights.
Spring/ Summer 2014

Rembrandt and Vermeer back in fashion

In 2013 I developed an identity of the 2014 campaign. The theme 'The Old Masters of Art' was the homage to the famous art heritage in the Netherlands. That's why we blended the collection with the opening of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and created a suiting identity.

Not your everage history read

Paired with –The Old Master– campaign I directed the creation of a newspaper that has been spread through all the 50 shops worldwide in more than 10 different countries.
Redesign Visual Identity 2015

Bold and Modern — That’s how they roll

Eventually in the summer of 2014 I started with the redesign of the brand language. Due to the fact that in 2015 Suitsupply had the wish to roll out multiple new digital products we had to create a consistent and contemporary visual identity that would support and reflect on their distinctive apparel.

Giving a purpose to colorcoding

Suitsupply already had a destinctive appael to its campaigns. And what I did with the colorpalette was to emphasize the tones and add new colors to it's spectrum.
That's why I added the Amalfi Blue as a primary call to action color.

Pixel Perfect on every device

The designteam started to validate the excisting grid on multiple devices and reevaluate all existing modules. This way we had the chance to modernized the colorscheme, created a bolder typography and eventually modernised all interactive elements.