Sun Bingo

  • John & Stu

Brand Campaign and CRM Programme Just a little over six years ago, Sun Bingo was a fairly anonymous gaming brand. In fact, you used to play it in-paper and post your results to see if you'd won. But it was time to drag bingo kicking and screaming into the modern age. And make a big impact. So, we created an exciting world full of fun and prizes. More than a dozen TV ads were produced (in record times) to build the brand and promote offers. The bingo ball characters was perfect tonally for The Sun audience - bouncing, cheers, and a little manic. And as a result, hundreds of thousands of new customers signed up in just a few short months. But, it's one thing to get new customers, and it's another to keep them engaged. So, the ads we accompanied by in-paper and digital advertising, as well as an extensive CRM programme, consisting of emails and DM, featuring incentives, and prizes ranging from cash to cruises - and even it's very own TV show. The results speak for themselves, at the beginning of the project the annual turnover was £1bn, and is now £6bn and growing.