susan pui san lok – Artist’s book

  • Joe Russell
Susan pui san lok is a London-based artist, working in moving image. March was asked to collaborate on an ‘artist’s book’ to accompany her most recent three-screen exhibition, RoCH Fans & Legends, held at QUAD in Derby.
RoCH Fans & Legends is a celebration of the hugely popular Hong Kong genre, wuxia (pronounced woo-shar), and specifically The Condor Trilogy. Susan edits together short clips from the many TV and film remakes, which have been created over four decades. All clips were taken from user generated uploads to YouTube.
The book takes the form of an 8m long concertina, that collapses to fit into a VHS-sized slip case, referencing the format that the original films were distributed. One side of the concertina sequences stills from artwork; the other creates an everlasting vista, created from Google Streetview stills – each one featuring a Chinese restaurant whose name references the trilogy.