Sustainable Fashion 'Overconsumption' Never fade London x 33magazine

  • Gabby Sep
  • Hilary Miceli

ast fashion is no friend to the environment. We are the true problem, we buy more than we need, in hope to make us feel better, and sadly we started to see garments as disposable products. If an item we purchase has a lower price cost , we don’t feel as guilty to buy in bulk, especially now that online brands are filling our emails with daily ‘treat yourself’ discounts, and can find real bargains for a price of our Favourite Starbucks coffee. Its about seasonal trends that we feel the need to follow. Buying new clothes weekly to keep up with the Fashion world and influencer culture where is all about the ‘swipe ups’ . Its really the time to take a step back of how much we buying and rethink more carefully what we actually need. 95 % of clothing we throw away could have a second life and can take something that’s already existed and make something new. We wanted to created images of the models being layered in multiple pieces of clothing to show the fullness of fashion to then, them almost wearing nothing to prove that in reality not much is needed at all. All the clothing in the images are upcycled pieces from Never Fade Factory in Soho, London. Hand painted and reconstructed to give each piece a new life. Each item is unique and makes fashion much more fun and sustainable, also reducing harm on the environment because not buying new and not contributing to over production.