Hilary Miceli

Hilary Miceli

Artist - Content creator - Art Visual DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Hilary Miceli

Hilary Miceli

Artist - Content creator - Art Visual DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Lily, 26 yo Osservatrice seriale, L' Arte tramite i corpi delle persone. For Any Requests: hilary.miceli95@gmail.com
  • Poète Maudit
    Poète MauditSOHO HOUSE White city London, July 2021 Poete Maudit was born from the idea to explain the mood of a misunderstood artist that spent every night to lie with the truth by taking substances and alcohol which caused deep and controversial thoughts. The creative process is a long journey within yourself, reflecting on the struggles with mental abuse and depression which can take a hold off a person for long periods of time. The constant battle between what who you are and how you want people to
  • Outsider
    OutsiderSOHO HOUSE White city London, July 2021 I never felt like I truly belonged in my own born surroundings, like a stranger in my own home, constantly looking for similarities within the strangeness and chaos, even though everything seems so still. My thoughts and imagination were always a way to escape to boring reality around me, running wild into my own thoughts creating excitement and finding comfort within the lack of control or stability in my decisions This project is particularly close
  • L' incontro
    L' incontroWONDERART Turin, February 2018 L'incontro is a story between two long lost souls who find each other in the wilderness, a scent in the air which draws their energies closer and closer, until, they finally meet across no mans land, without words, they speak to a part of the other that is ancestral, finding serenity within the emptiness of a life spent searching, lost, now found, together. L'incontro nasce con lo scopo di raccontare il momento in cui l'istinto animale prende il sopravvento. Il
  • Do you remember me?
    Do you remember me?WONDERART Turin, December 2017 When you made love to someone that you can’t forget, do you remember the way you felt, do you remember the touch of their fingers between your hips, losing your understanding of what’s up or down, completely at one in movement with your surroundings Do you? do you have someone that you’ll never forget? Do you remember the touch of their fingers between your hips, A calmness of deep thought from a moment of bliss and serenity within chaos and fire. Do you remember
    WEEPING WOMANReborn, My first love. Everything started from this painting, I was 11 years old the first time that I saw it, and since that moment I knew art was always going to be a part of my life. Weeping woman è stato il mio Primo amore. Tutto parte da questo dipinto, avevo 11 anni la prima volta che lo vidi e da li capii che l'arte avrebbe fatto parte della mia vita.
  • Youth
    YouthWONDERART PROJECT Turin - October 2018 Youth was born from a dream I had a few years ago, walking the path in an autumn forest I found myself in front of the lifeless bodies of young girls with an innocent and delicate appearance, like a flower. I remember exactly how I felt in the dream, the blank expression and the lost gaze, the absolute silence, ruined by my steps, my breathe, dirty innocence, torn youth and a beauty that will remain forever. Youth nasce da un sogno che feci qualche ann
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  • Sustainable Fashion 'Overconsumption' Never fade London x 33magazine
    Sustainable Fashion 'Overconsumption' Never fade London x 33magazineast fashion is no friend to the environment. We are the true problem, we buy more than we need, in hope to make us feel better, and sadly we started to see garments as disposable products. If an item we purchase has a lower price cost , we don’t feel as guilty to buy in bulk, especially now that online brands are filling our emails with daily ‘treat yourself’ discounts, and can find real bargains for a price of our Favourite Starbucks coffee. Its about seasonal trends that we feel the need to
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    Content Creator - Digital marketing directorFenix group
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    Content creatorAfter Beauty
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    Graphic DesignLeardi
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