On Thursday, February 16th, I had the amazing opportunity to be part of a Sustainable Fashion Show, together with other very talented designers.I used sustainable materials for all of the designs, in order to raise awareness of recycling trash and turning it into wearable pieces of Art. Some of the materials used include: bicycle inner tube, silicone,polystyrene, etc.For this show, I prepared a selection of very interesting pieces inspired by Cosmology, each of them having an Astronomical object at its roots and its own name and story.
THE MOON DUST SET Each piece is named after the most significant Lunar missions of all times:
LUNA 2 ( ring) which comes from the name of the 1st spacecraft to have reached the surface of the moon, is a ring which creates a gentle grip around the finger, representing a succesful moment in history.
APOLLO 11 (headpiece) comes from the First Man on the Moon mission, a legendary moment in history, and it surrounds the head tightly in a circular shape reflecting a strong bond between knowledge and determination.
INTERGALACTIC TRANSMITTER (necklace)- way of communicating between different galaxies
AWAKENED DARKNESS SET( shoulder piece, ring and ankle bracelet ):
Inspired by Black holes and Dark matter reflecting mystery, infinity and our power to transform the fears we have into strength and positivity.
BLACK HOLE SAVIOR (Shoulder piece) provides protection against black holes when travelling through space, and also against bad thoughts. The metallic foil details on the shoulders are actually wings which show their real form only when they feel close to danger.
Shoulder piece- BLACK HOLE SAVIOR
Ankle bracelet- BLACK HOLE MAZE
After the Sustainable Fashion Show, I had my work exhibited in the University of Edinburgh events hall (Potterow) from February 17th until the 18th.

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