SUZUKI Always-on & Paid Amplification (IRIS)

  • Natalie Grover

After customer and social listening, it was clear Suzuki has a vast superfan base that enjoys historic, tech wizardry and environmental tonality that the brand was eager to play up in social messaging. Therefore, I developed and recommended several social amplifications to inject some Suzuki-ness into Suzuki’s social channels between a broader social strategy reset.

Old School Suzuki Series
I proposed an #OldSchoolSuzuki series to the monthly retainer content for Suzuki’s UK and ROI social channels to evoke a historical look at Suzuki’s history.

The first campaign post in the series achieved over 5% engagement.
Cultural Themes - Back to School
To tap into key cultural themes, we identified the nation's tone to produce a series of assets using Gogglebox idents. The first was designed to support children going back to school on the 8th March 2021. The meme captured the relief of almost a year of homeschooling for many parents and set a precedent for the brand to look at more profound cultural moments.

Social engagement of over 5.5%
The new hybrid Suzuki Swace
Alongside 7stars, I worked collaboratively with the media agency and IRIS to craft copy, develop and publish a range of video assets for social channels based on models including Swift, Space, Ignis and Vitara.