• Jeremy Hofmeister Mac Lynn
  • João Telmo
  • Darek Nyckowiak
After the success of The Swisscom 'All eyes on the S4' experience, Heimat were challenged with going one better in 2014.
Together with Acne Berlin, we developed 'The S5 Pulse Challenge'. It was NOT for the faint hearted.
All you had to do was keep your pulse under 100bpm.
Easy right?

See how the final experience turned out here c/o Heimat

The good folk at Acne created a neat summary of all the tricks that made it a challenging, fun, but also a great way of
showcasing Samsung's newest feature...

Thanks to Heimat, Acne and Pumpkin Film, this project received numerous national and international awards, most notably the Grand Prix at the Golden Award of Montreux.