Tabloid Art History Vol. 2 Cover Illustration

  • Saadia Mebchour
  • Chloe Esslemont
  • Mayanne Soret
  • Elise Bell

I was asked to create the cover for TAH Vol.2. TAH focus on the similarities found in art history and pop culture, mainly referencing visual similarities through tweets and social media posts. The zine was to be a physical discussion of these topics, in such, I created an illustration mirroring The Last Supper - an all female edition for the all female team behind TAH. Alongside this, I also illustrated two features inside of the zine, again pulling on existing paintings for composition and content.

Ink drawings which created the base for the final digital illustration. I typically begin to work in analogue mediums and then switch to digital.

Below are two scans of the ink drawings I used to create the prints inside the zine.