Taco Bell - Big Ben

  • Izzy Kertland
Project produced at UNIT9.
Working with the sound designer Simon Little, UNIT9 reengineered the sound of the Westminster Quarters, using the Taco Bell chime. Following this, multiple sets of custom made speakers capable of very narrow sound beams were installed around the area. These broadcast the sound of the bell every hour, bringing one of the city’s most iconic landmarks back to life.
Better still, the speakers were designed to ensure mainly people walking nearby can hear the chimes, surprising and delighting pedestrians, policeman, politicians and more as they passed the signs telling them Big Ben is temporarily silenced for repairs. Starting at 8am and finishing at 8pm, the chimes were triggered at exactly 20 seconds to the hour, making the new Taco Bell Big Ben chime accurate enough to set your watch to.


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