Tag Heuer Carrera Rotary Engine homage edition

  • Jin-ho Jeong

Project I did for myself out of love, to mark Heuer's contribution to the watch industry and to the world of automotive racing. Special edition Tag Heuer Carrera celebrating rotary engine's contribution to the world of motor sports. It's the perfect marriage of two icons of race track. Stylish Carrera and the fast hum of the restless engine on a hot tarmac. ​ Rotary engine, also known as Wankel engine was invented by a German engineer Felix Wankel in 1951. It was more than another internal combustion engine but a birth of something truly special. Loved by racers all around, from tarmacs to airfields and even at sea, for its tremendous power to weight ratio and compact size. ​To celebrate the heritage and the engineering prowess of rotary engine the watch incorporates the engine's motion into its movement. The triangular rotor winds the watch emulating the engine's iconic movement, like the beating heart of the racing machine.