Tagharv - Pain For Another Day (prod. by R1CH) [Music Video]

  • Abdulrahman Salih
  • Nicholas Taghavi
  • Raymond Amoah

Pain For Another Day was written from a place of anger and helplessness. Filmed on location in the empty halls of the music gallery at the Horniman Museum and Gardens. Producer: Nicholas Taghavi Director: ABDULISMS Co-Director: Nicholas Taghavi Cinematographer: ABDULISMS Stylist: ABDULISMS Photographer: Ray Amoah Graphics by ABDULISMS Colourist: ABDULISMS Editor: ABDULISMS ABDULISMS is a London based British born Iraqi/Irish freelance creative director and digital content producer. Growing up between London, Doha and Dublin his vision is informed by the contrasts of worlds, spaces and mother tongues he's long found himself alternating between. Abdulisms’ work explores bridging underground music with themes of ancestral heritage in creative and diasporic community-based projects. He releases work across the mediums of live broadcast, documentary, augmented reality, live shows, community radio and public installations. Abdulisms’ portfolio boasts collaborations with the likes of Talib Kweli, Narcy (IRAQ-A-FELLA), Steam Down, Girls of Grime, Ancestral Futures collective, Sofar Sounds and New Delhi based community radio Boxout FM to name a few.