Abdulrahman Salih

Abdulrahman Salih

Creative Director/Digital Content ProducerLondon, United Kingdom
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Abdulrahman Salih

Abdulrahman Salih

Creative Director/Digital Content ProducerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
ABDULISMS is a London based British born Iraqi/Irish freelance creative director and digital content producer. Growing up between London, Doha and Dublin his vision is informed by the contrasts of worlds, spaces and mother tongues he's long found himself alternating between. Abdulisms’ work explores bridging underground music with themes of ancestral heritage in creative and diasporic community-based projects. He releases work across the mediums of live broadcast, documentary, augmented reality, live shows, community radio and public installations. Abdulisms’ portfolio boasts collaborations with the likes of Talib Kweli, Narcy (IRAQ-A-FELLA), Steam Down, Girls of Grime, Ancestral Futures collective, Sofar Sounds and New Delhi based community radio Boxout FM to name a few.
  • NARCY - Like! / Data Rights (Official Art Video)
    NARCY - Like! / Data Rights (Official Art Video)Listen to "Like!" : https://music.empi.re/likenarcy Listen to "Data Rights": https://music.empi.re/datarights Listen to "Stream Farms" : https://music.empi.re/streamfarms Follow The Squad on IG: @narcynarce @wearethemdm @abdulisms @shlonakrecords @thanksjoey Directed by Narcy and Abdulisms Meant to be Viewed in Full Screen, in the dark. with no distractions. How do you sleep at night?
  • NARCY - IRAQAFELLA (Baghdad Skate Video)
    NARCY - IRAQAFELLA (Baghdad Skate Video)"When I first started out shooting stuff I used to go skating in 40 degree heat in the gulf and self shoot on a little digital camera. Edit it on Windows movie maker and post it on YouTube for my like 3 subscribers. From there my steady camera hand got me onto a lot of music video shoots and I never looked back since. Me and Yassin were talking about this recently when he told me skating was where it started for him too. The stars would align for this conversation to have taken place during my
  • Intalekt Presents: THE DOJO CYPHER
    Intalekt Presents: THE DOJO CYPHERThis cypher is the closing chapter of Intalekt’s multi-sensory experience The Dojo, which ran for 6 weeks in April 2021.The Dojo was originally created to celebrate the release of ‘The Masta Returns’ and the community that surrounded it. Intalekt decided to go a step further and record a Cypher within The Dojo to highlight 13 particular artists who have dedicated themselves to the art and championed the UK scene. ⛩ The Dojo was Produced by @intalektmusic & @kunstraumlondon � Directed by @abduli
  • The Karrada Mix
    The Karrada MixI went digging in a recording shop in Karrada in Baghdad, home of funky synths and electronic music in the night. Anyways, left with 16 CD's and a Chrysler branded CD booklet. Tonight I got the itch so this is the super rough first mix out of that booklet. TRACKLIST: * جوبيات ٢ - TRACK 9 - Chobi Songs Part 2 
 * HUDA AL BASRI - GHARIBAT AL ROOH - هدى البصري - غريبة الروح
 * Ahmed Al-Maslawi - Ma Nskt - أحمد المصلاوي - ما نسكت 
 * Ghizlan x Saadi Al-Hill i- Mo7awara - Track 5 - غزلان و سعدي ال
  • Steam Down x #FIFA21 Soundtrack World Premiere
    Steam Down x #FIFA21 Soundtrack World PremiereShot and directed then broadcast live for the global reveal of the Fifa 21 soundtrack. Tracklist: Etcetera 0:25 Free My Skin 5:10 Activate 9:31 SD Jam 15:12 Who's who? 9:01 Vocals: @afronautzu Vocals: @tinymanmusic Vocals: @_naiyahh Bass & Vocals: @isobella.burnham Sax & Vocals: @ahnanse Tuba: @theon_cross Keys: @lorenzthemusicguy Drums: @benji_on_drums Mixed by @emre_ram Engineered by @mixedbymoebius Visual Direction by @abdulisms Camera: @lindennieto Camera: @steviecoalesvideo
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Projects credited in
  • Balamii Summer Series (Recap Video)
    Balamii Summer Series (Recap Video)Balamii Radio Summer Series at the Horniman Museum and Gardens. Four gigs in the Bandstand, produced in conjunction with Balamii and as part of the 696 Project. Featuring Steam Down, RADA, Lex Amor, Demae, Goya Gumbani, The Colours That Rise, Joe Armon-Jones and Lynda Dawn. Executive Producer: Adem Holness Producer: Nicholas Taghavi Camera ops: Abdulrahman Salih, Mitch Allen and Wayon Dale Multi-cam Director: Joshua Roberts Vision Mixer: Joshua Roberts Drone Operator/Pilot: Jed Ponsford ⁣⁣
  • Who are the 696 Promoters? (Documentary)
    Who are the 696 Promoters? (Documentary)The 696 Promoters are a group of young people aged 16 – 25 who are passionate about producing live music events. Over 10 weeks they worked with music industry experts to produce a music event as part of the 696 Festival. Hear from the Promoters themselves about working on this project, and the lessons learnt along the way. Supported by Arts Council England, Youth Music and Spiral. Executive Producer: Adem Holness Producer/Director: Nicholas Taghavi Camera: Nicholas Taghavi Additional Camera
  • 696 Resident Artist: Afronaut Zu (Documentary)
    696 Resident Artist: Afronaut Zu (Documentary)The Horniman Museum and Gardens, 696 Resident Artists programme is for music artists at the cutting edge of south London’s music scene. During a year-long residency, Resident Artists will develop an artistic project in response to the Horniman’s collection of musical instruments which is one of the most comprehensive and exciting in the UK. London-based solo artist and musical collective member Afronaut Zu of Nigerian descent, Afronaut Zu’s sound and approach to music is largely shaped by cult
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Work history
    Online Safety MENA SpecialistSony Playstation
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    expert analysis and direction regarding cultural sensitivities specific to Arabic-speaking markets -Monitoring and Performance management. -Quality metrics for Global Arabic content -Detailed analysis of trends, patterns, output and productivity -Escalation and Account management -Digital forensics+behaviour analysis
    Account Manager - EntertainmentIGN Entertainment
     - London, United KingdomFull Time
    Responsible for pitching, selling and producing engaging branded content, video, display and experiential to new and existing clients, increasing the reputation and visibility of IGN, Mashable, and the rest of Ziff Davis’ portfolio across global sites and all social media platforms.
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    BA Television ProductionUniversity of Westminster
     - London, United Kingdom