696 Resident Artist: Afronaut Zu (Documentary)

  • Nicholas Taghavi
  • Adem Holness
  • Abdulrahman Salih

The Horniman Museum and Gardens, 696 Resident Artists programme is for music artists at the cutting edge of south London’s music scene. During a year-long residency, Resident Artists will develop an artistic project in response to the Horniman’s collection of musical instruments which is one of the most comprehensive and exciting in the UK. London-based solo artist and musical collective member Afronaut Zu of Nigerian descent, Afronaut Zu’s sound and approach to music is largely shaped by cultural influences and life experiences growing up in Britain, whilst also being from the African diaspora. Afronaut Zu sampled many instruments, including the udu, djembe, lamellaphone and more. Supported by PRS Foundation. Executive Producer: Adem Holness Producer/Director: Nicholas Taghavi Camera: Abdulrahman Salih Additional Camera: Billy Gadd Video Editor: Nicholas Taghavi Animator: Becca Kidd 696 Soundbite Producer: Richard Watson