Taiwan Lamcome counter renovation 2017

  • Willa Lei
This Lancome counter is in Xinyi District, which includes Taipei 101, Taipei International Convention Centre, Taipei World Trade Centre, National Sun Yat sen Memorial Hall and various shopping malls and entertainment venues, making it the most cosmopolitan district of Taipei. It is also considered the financial district of Taipei.​​​​​​​
Lancome is more skincare driven in Taiwan. It contains 4 parts, skincare, makeup, fragrance and premium skincare. The visual merchandising contains many different aspect as well, makeup should be more trendy, skincare should be more premium, and the fragrance part should show the brand image. It is a challenge to make it trendy and premium at the same time.
The image of Lancome used to be more mature in Taiwan. The goal of new counter design is to break that image, and make the brand more trendy. Lancome introduced skincare and makeup 'sharing table' to try to solve this problem. The new sharing table is more open, more relaxed, and more welcome. They put all skincare products on the sharing table, and it allowed customers to play with them, try them themselves. 
This department store is more trendy, targeted younger customers. We found that this is the perfect department store for us to install first skincare sharing table in Taiwan. The counters in department stores in Taiwan are quite small, which was a challenge for us to have the space to be more welcome and open. 
After I got the technical drawing from the international team, I started to wonder how to make the table more practical, and how to display the products without making it messy, and of course, still maintain the brand image.
I discussed with the whole marketing team about how to display all the products, also knowing the products which are more popular, and put them on the hottest spot. I also discussed with the acrylic vendor, to know thickness of each acrylic and materials of each part of the table. 
After many discussions with international team, brand manager and general manager, we all agree that the new sharing table should be placed facing the escalator, which people can see it and come to play with all our products. The telly should face the main aisle of the department store, as there are many new and exciting advert of Lancome. Makeup bar should be facing the aisle where most people walked by, and make it more eye-catchy. For premium skincare bar, we put it in a relatively more silent position of the counter, so that customers could enjoy their services there without being disturbed. 
The outcome was quite successful. The table was used without complains, and it did bring more younger generation to play with the products and use them. It gave the beauty advisers good opportunities to sell and introduced the products to customers. Moreover, for more mature customers, we also have low chairs for them to sit comfortably. 


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